The CESD program has been designed to provide a foundation in the concepts and theories that underlie science/decision making interactions, as well as an introduction to communication skills and social science methods that facilitate successful engagements. 

The program requires 12 hours of course work and 3 hours of internship for a total of 15 credit hours. 

  • The core course, Connecting Science and Decision Making, normally taken the first year of the program, is required.  
  • One course in each of two core areas (social science methods and communication) is selected from a list of options.  
  • An additional elective course is selected from a broader list of options that include policy, management, decision making, communication, and methods. 

Together, 4 courses normally make up the 12 credit hours. 

The internship, taken at the end of the program (can be concurrent with coursework) is arranged with the program coordinator.  

Coursework can be completed in two semesters or spread over a period of up to four years.

All students must have their Plan of Study approved by the CESD Faculty Coordinator and the student's department head (or chair of the Graduate Committee) before it is submitted to the Graduate College. This should be done no later than second semester in the program. 

List of Courses